Is Post Malone Collaborating With Keith Urban?

46501601_332115484036915_122492295483228160_n.jpgPossibly the most unexpected musical duo for this year has to go to the latest pair that have announced they are collaborating on new music, Keith Urban and Post Malone!

That’s right, Keith and Posty have announced that they have been working on some tunes together and I honestly need a minute just to let that sink in.

I can not start to imagine what on earth this will sound like.


The country singer was speaking with E! at Spotify’s Secret Genius Awards when he drooped the info on his upcoming work with the American rapper.

“I love Post,” said Keith. “We collaborated on a song for this Elvis special that’s going to be coming out in January.”

Throwing Elvis in the mix too! Either way seems like we’ll be waiting a few months before we get to listen to the country/hip hop fusion that these two have put onto one of the King of Rock n Roll’s classic!