Couple remodeling bathroom finds mysterious message


I like to think of myself as a pretty handy person who enjoys a good DIY, but unfortunately I am not the type to actually go out and do it - unlike Twitter users @Jess_Monney and @alexmonney - and I am really glad they did. 

When the pair started demo-ing their bathroom wall, they came across a message from a couple who previously owned the place. 

Needless to say, it's stirred some talk on the interwebs - people apparently LOVE hidden messages in bathroom walls.

And with all due respect to the Shinseki's and Cassie, the bathroom is in need of a little makeover, although after living in loads of Sydney rentals in the past, I definitely wouldn't complain if it were my bathroom. 

Naturally, this has sparked an investigation in to exactly WHO the Shinseki's were - which is one of the things I do adore about the internet. 

And it seems the internet was actually very successful!


Anyway, I hope that the Shinseki's and Cassie the rabbit have a wonderful day. Also, I don't need anyone ruining this story by telling me the life span of rabbits, thank you for understanding.