Penguin couple takes romantic stroll along the beach

Penguin love is in the air along the shores of South Africa and I couldn't be happier. 

penguin luv.jpg

The adorable PDA was captured when Twitter user @freakingdani's aunt decided to create an impromptu nature documentary on her recent holiday in South Africa and it's the best 16 seconds of footage I have seen in weeks. 

Animal videos are the currency of the internet - so naturally, people are freaking out... and so am I. Many are even comparing it to their own (sad) love lives. 

Perhaps my favourite part of this Twitter exchange however, is the spontaneous zoology lesson that it sparked - as many people didn't know that penguins could even BE in South Africa. (To be totally honest, I'd never even thought about it myself.)

There you go - love is all around us! Even if it's in the form of two lil penguins in Africa.