What do you do when a Service Dog approaches you without their owner?

service dog.jpg

Every now and then, you see something on the internet that makes you realise that you definitely don't know everything - and this was one of those moments for me. It seems super obvious, but honestly I had never thought about what to do if a service dog came up to me. This information, however, could save a life. 

After a personal experience that didn't quite go as planned, Twitter user Melissa Hope (@lissalet) shared a PSA that could potentially help a whole lot of people.

If an unaccompanied service animal approaches you, it means their owner is in need of assistance.

It seems a great deal of people didn't know this - I know I certainly didn't! However, people are very glad of the heads up.

In other news, shoutout to service dogs - you guys are doing a great job.