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A labrador has adopted NINE baby ducks

fred ducklings.jpg

If you were having a bit of a down day today, we are here to rescue you with the world's cutest story. Perhaps you're actually having a pretty good day and this is just gonna top it off as the best day ever. Either which way, you are going to want to meet Fred - the 10 year old labrador who has just become a father to nine ducklings. 

The baby birds took up residence at a Castle in Essex after their mother disappeared. They quickly began to follow Fred, who seemed to take them under his wing.

fred ducks 2.jpg

Castle owner Jeremy Goldsmith told the BBC that the labrador had previously taken care of an injured squirrel as well, stating "he's a typical labrador with a lovely nature."

He also says the ducklings are welcome to stay at the castle with Fred until they're old enough to leave.