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Karen Edwards’s dream was to one day persue her love of glamorous and luxe design and style with a quirky edge and also, create an outlet for styling, wallpaper and flower arranging services.

This dream turned to reality seeing October 18th as the day Bowerbird on Argyle was born in 2017.

Karen’s love of Hollywood Regency known for its glamour, drama and eclectic mix of styles is a particular favourite and is felt the minute you walk through the doors of the award winning Bowerbird on Argyle.

“It's about glamour and getting a glimpse of those bygone days where TV was less important than cocktail hour and good company”

Where does the name come from?

“Bowerbirds take their name from their elaborate and extravagantly decorated bowers. Male satin bowerbirds festoon the front terraces of their bowers with shiny or colored objects, preferring those of a vivid blue hue. Anything that takes their fancy they take home, collecting their whole life long. I can identify with that.”


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Open 7 Days 9.30am - 5.00pm

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