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Collection Schedule:
Household kerbside recycling in the Shoalhaven is a fortnightly service. Your recycling bin
is picked up on the same day as your garbage bin. Go to the website for the collection
calendar for your area.

Council actively supports and promotes recycling to the community due to the wide-
reaching environmental benefits that recycling offers. Increases in recycling efforts by our
community leads to a reduction in waste buried in landfill as well as less pressure on
natural resources.

Together, Council and the community can work to protect the beautiful and naturally
diverse environment in which we live.

Many household items can be recycled through the yellow lid kerbside recycling bin
• Newspapers, magazines, advertising leaflets and envelopes
• Flattened cardboard and cardboard boxes
• All rigid plastic bottles and containers e.g drink bottles, milk bottles (remove and discard
lids), margarine and  ice cream containers, shampoo and detergent bottles
• Milk and juice cartons
• Glass bottles and jars (all colours)
• Aluminium cans
• Steel cans e.g baked bean tins, pet food cans etc
• Aerosol cans - just take the spray nozzle off

For more information phone the Waste information line on (02) 4429 3374.


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