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We practice law because we feel strongly about helping people with legal problems. We want to achieve fast and amicable outcomes for our clients and to ensure that every aspect of, and extending from, their legal problem is solved.

We focus on areas of law that are about people and families – family law, criminal law and estate law. We realise that legal problems faced by individuals often extend beyond one specialised area of law and we believe that having expertise across a range of related jurisdictions is essential to catering our service for the individual and achieving the best legal solution possible.

We want our clients to be comfortable, knowing that we care about what they have to say and we will listen to them and help them achieve outcomes that are important to them. We will ensure our clients receive holistic solutions to the problems they are facing by ensuring every aspect of their problem is resolved via the use of our service and related entities

Lucinda and Michala have worked alongside one another in the Shoalhaven area for over 7 years and have over 20 years of combined experience in the legal industry. They make a very experienced, empathetic and united team.

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